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  • June 8, 2021

Ambassador Spotlight: Mark Beaumont

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I am an adventure athlete, broadcaster and investor.  World firsts and fastest expeditions have taken me to 130 nations and I am best known for cycling, having pedalled around the World twice and currently holding the 18,000 mile circumnavigation World Record in a time of 78 days and 14 hours.  Off the bike these journeys have been through the high Arctic, mountaineering and ocean rowing.  I also back early stage science, engineering and technology companies that are tackling the big issues of our generation in health, climate change and food & water security. 

Why is this partnership important to you? 

I have known the founders of So.Beer since the start of the journey and was inspired by their ambition for a clean, vegan, great tasting non-alcoholic range of drinks, with a company that cares both for the environment and its employees.  The values of the business is what really attracted me, and I have enjoyed working with the team since day 1 to build what you see today.  This is one of those companies that really does live its brand.

How does So.Beer fit into your day to day life?  

I have a young family (2 daughters, a wife and dog), a training schedule that needs to be fitted around a portfolio of work – and I absolutely love beer.  So I want to be able to get that ‘ahh, beautiful’ moment with a cold beer, without it impacting on my productivity or detract from my training.  I also try and only buy products that are kind to the environment, as well as kind to my wellbeing – so with the So.Beer range I can enjoy a beer not just on a Friday/Saturday, but the rest of the week as well.

How are you working to be more sustainable in your day to day life? / top tips for being more sustainable? 

I live in Edinburgh and we regularly talk as a family about how we make small changes in our day-to-day lives, that could stack up to a big difference long term.  The biggest thing is replacing short journeys from car to bike.  My wife bought an e-bike for example.  We also started buying fresh produce locally – for example an organic vegetable box from a farm nearby and milk delivered in reusable glass bottles. 

Drunk on life moments? 

Last year when my 7 year old daughter and I completed a 3 month challenge to run/cycle every street in Edinburgh.  The project took us over 100 hours, with her cycling and me running alongside her.  We had such fun, although it was a really tough challenge – and meant planning each evening for the next day’s adventure, colouring in the streets we had done and then choosing a route for the next day.  Over the 506 miles she learnt so much, became a stronger, more experienced cyclist and learnt how to take on a massive project one-day-at-a-time.  Creating memories and having a positive impact, that is the whole point purpose in life!

Written By:

Mark Beaumont

Record-breaking endurance athlete, broadcaster & Global So.Beer Ambassador. Mark has cycled around the world twice and holds this 18,000-mile record in 78 days and 14 hours.