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  • May 20, 2021

Ambassador Spotlight: Elle L

Mude Ambassador, ELLE L, is a music artist whose talents expand  as a  creative director, sustainability advisor and environmentalist.

 She has also worked on projects with the BBC, IFC and London/Copenhagen Fashion Week. As an artist, ELLE L draws inspiration from the world around her, and champions the environment through curating and moderating projects involving sustainability for the United Nations. One of her main passions is regenerative fashion, which she documents within publications such as EcoAge, Cohorted and The Luxury Channel. To add to her philanthropy, ELLE L has previously curated a sustainable runway show for the Whitley Fund for Nature’s Hope Gala at the Natural History Museum, with Fashion for Conservation, designers Mother of Pearl and Deborah Milner. Elle has supported over £1.5m in fundraising for conservation through special projects over the past 18 months whilst writing a first album. ‘Hoping’, Elle’s debut single, recently featured as the soundtrack for Mude’s ‘Hope For Earth Day’ campaign with Hoja Nueva. The single has received major acclaim from  major tastemakers including Apple Music, The Independent, The Face, Wonderland and Clash Magazine.

Partnering with Mude as one of their global ambassadors is a dream come true. Not only do the founders Niall and Cat share the same philosophy as I do when it comes to protecting the planet but they live their words in action. The entire team are passionate about the environment and and I’ve already had the pleasure to accelerate efforts and fundraise for conservation through a special project with them. It’s thanks to brands like Mude that we have real hope the brands can create in a way that leaves a legacy for future generations. The drinks are really delicious, all natural and make me feel good throughout the day. Mude are leading the way for others in that they are making the process of sustainability fun and tangible.

I have a very fast paced lifestyle and what is so great is that Mude provides me with all the natural ingredients for a great and healthy day. Knowing that they care so much for the planet and source from bio-dynamic farms, makes me so happy as I don’t need to feel guilty feeling good. Each Mude has vitamin potency to protect me and my immune system. It’s hard choosing a favourite as there is a Mude for my every Mood and I love them all. I start my day with ‘Protect’, then I often have a ‘Work’ or ‘Play’ if I’m busy in the day and finish my day with a ‘Chill’ or ‘Sleep’. I find it hard to sleep as I have an over-active imagination and genuinely, I ‘Sleep’ better with a can of feel-good ‘Sleep’ before bed!

I try and be sustainable in everything I do but I’m always learning something new. My friend Arizona Muse best described sustainability to me as a ‘puzzle’ recently When you start the puzzle the pieces don’t make sense but the more pieces you place together, the bigger picture begins to form and it becomes easier. I advocate for people to take small steps to build the pieces of their own puzzle – say no to single use plastic items, buy from sustainable companies, recycle. Keep consistent. There’s so much information out there now so I think if you don’t know enough, learn and share that knowledge. I like to reference the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals because true sustainability is about addressing each of those while leaving no one behind 🙂 Turn your ideas into action. The best bit about sustainability is that the power of change is in all of us, so our positive choices do have an impact!

 I love So.Beer more than I enjoy any other beer! I much prefer that it gives me a gentle, natural buzz, rather than makes me feel sleepy and that it’s not toxic for my body. I love the idea that drinking a So.Beer can add value to my health whilst making me happy too… I think it’s much better getting drunk on life and for me, that happens when we immerse ourselves in nature! Some happy times that come to mind? Jumping into the cool ocean on a hot summers day and realising how beautiful the world is! Climbing a waterfall in the Peruvian Amazon (something I never thought I would do!) and then bathing in the river, exhilarated and in awe of Mother E! I think water is incredibly soothing and balancing… These would be my top ‘drunk on life’ moments that come to mind 🙂 Sipping on a So.Beer. 😉

Written By:

Elle L

A 360 creative music artist, director and environmentalist. As an artist, she draws inspiration from nature and champions the environment for the United Nations.