• Ambassador
  • May 20, 2021

Ambassador Spotlight: Millie Gooch

Mude Ambassador, Millie Gooch, is writer, speaker, activist, founder of Sober Girl Society and is also the author of The Sober Girl Society Handbook!

It’s so important for me to work with exciting brands in the alcohol-free space, especially ones like The Naked Collective who share my values when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Mude fits into my day to day life seamlessly! It’s so easy to know which drink you should be having at which point in the day. I love work and play for weekdays, chill and sleep for weekends and protect always!  

I work towards being more sustainable in my day to day life by doing less shopping and finding sustainable fashion brands that I love! I’ve always replaced all my alcohol-free bar gadgets like cocktail sticks and straws with sustainable alternatives.

As So.Beer encourages people to be drunk on life, one of my drunk on life moments is when I went to Canada on my first alcohol-free holiday. The views and nature were just breath-taking. I did so much surfing and kayaking. I was just so present and happy for the whole thing.

Millie Gooch sitting and smiling

Written By:

Millie Gooch

Writer, speaker, activist and founder of Sober Girl Society and author of The Sober Girl Society Handbook.