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  • May 17, 2021

Ambassador Spotlight: Sarah Mulindwa

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a qualified specialist Nurse  and TV presenter. I have specialised in different fields within healthcare including Acute medicine, sexual health,  young peoples services and mental health.  

I also have a background in fashion as a stylist and fashion editor 

Why is this partnership important to you? 

This partnership is import to me because it reflects my values.  The qualities of the brand like how environmentally friendly they are and their commitment to social values is something I truly believe in.  As a healthcare professional, I’m passionate about working with brands that are transparent about their ingredients and have a social purpose, all of which Mude encompasses 

How does Mude fit into your day to day life?  

Mude fits into my day to day life quite seamlessly! I’ve gotten into a routine of drinking the right mood for the right time of day! Before I start work for the day I take the ‘Work’ Mude , I drink the ‘Protect’ before I hit the pavement on a run and then I take the ‘Sleep’ Mude before bed!  

I’ve replaced coffee for Mude and I’m finding that I have a lot more energy, less anxious like I would be when drinking coffee (once the caffeine wears off) and knowing for certain that everything in Mude is completely clean and good for my body makes all the difference 

How are you working to be more sustainable in your day to day life? / top tips for being more sustainable? 

My top tips on being more sustainable would be to eat less meat, use reusable alternatives, donate unused items, separate waste for recycle and go paperless as much as possible! There are so many small changes we can all make in our day to day life to contribute to a healthier planet 

Drunk on life moments? 

My drunk on life moment was probably at a festival a few years back, Myself and a friend went to LoveBox festival and she found out the day before that she was expecting! She naturally couldn’t drink alcohol so I decided not to drink in solidarity. It was one of the best festivals I’d ever been to to date,  the music and  atmosphere was just as good and I avoided the dreaded  next day hangover! The mental and physical connection between drinking alcohol  and having a good time is something most people struggle with but you  absolutely can achieve fun without drinking! And as someone who enjoys a cold beer in the sun, So.beer is the perfect replacement for me! 

Sarah Mulindwa Ambassador

Written By:

Sarah Mulindwa

Best known as the witty and glamorous Nurse and Presenter on Channel 4’s hit show ‘The Sex Clinic’. With a background as a specialist Nurse and also as a radio presenter, she not only teaches people about sexual health but encourages them to talk about issues around relationships, identity and body issues.