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  • March 30, 2021

How to get more energy – no coffee needed

Think drinking coffee is the only way you can get an energy boost? Think again. Here are five tips on how to get more energy, powering you through even the busiest day…

1. Get a vitamin hit

A vitamin drink is the perfect coffee alternative, providing it’s packed with exactly the kind of vitamins you need for a wake-up call. The ones to look out for are B vitamins, which you’ll find in every one of our drinks, as part of something we’re calling the Isotonic SuperLiquid. This supercharged elixir pumps your drink with all the vitamins you need, binding them to the liquid so they enter your bloodstream faster. Take it further by making Mude Play your energising drink of choice, as it contains the Isotonic SuperLiquid plus a powerful dose of green tea extract.

2. Do a workout

Sounds counterintuitive, right? You might think that a workout is going to make you more tired, but actually, the feel-good hormones it produces can give you extra fuel. Not only that, but the sudden rush of movement helps pump up circulation to get oxygen flowing through your body, so you feel instantly invigorated. Get your sweat on any way you like – go for a jog, try at-home boxing or live-stream a pilates class – making sure you drink Mude Play to fuel even the most intense cardio.

3. Switch up your playlist

It sounds simple because it is. Something as easy as swapping ballads for bass-heavy tracks can have a big impact on how energised you feel. So, instead of soundtracking your early mornings with calming, meditative songs, hit ‘play’ on whatever makes you feel upbeat. Think, the same kind of playlist you usually reserve for a run.

4. Stay hydrated

According to The Sleep Foundation, being dehydrated can cause energy levels to dip, as well as dialling down your cognitive performance and feelings of alertness. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and sticking to drinks that are low in sugar. (Psst… all of our drinks are low-sugar and give you so many health benefits.) This is especially important just before you sleep, so make sure you’re rehydrating every night. Try Mude Sleep, which is not only refreshing, but comes with a boost of chamomile to help you drift off easier.

5. Take a cold shower

Here’s one upside to a broken boiler. Believe it or not, a cold shower is believed to boost a host of health benefits, from relieving stress to easing achy muscles and encouraging good circulation. But, in one study, the most commonly reported effect was an increase in energy – and is it any surprise? The shock alone is enough to make you feel more invigorated. So, next time you wake up from a restless night or to a 6am alarm, turn the tap to cold for at least 90 seconds to get a cool, energy-enhancing blast.

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