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  • February 1, 2021

5 ways you’re sabotaging your sleep (and how to stop)

Ever wonder ‘why can’t I sleep at night?’ Been there. If you’re wondering how to sleep better, here are five nighttime mistakes you might be making, and how you can fix them…

Ever wonder ‘why can’t I sleep at night?’ Been there. If you’re wondering how to sleep better, here are five nighttime mistakes you might be making, and how you can fix them…

Sleep mistake #1: You’re having an afternoon coffee

We’re not saying you can’t get a midday energy boost when you start to flag, but you might want to rethink that buzz-inducing espresso shot or matcha latte. Containing high levels of caffeine, they make you feel wired well into the evening, leaving you tossing and turning when you finally go to bed.

Instead, try getting that 1 pm pick-me-up from a can of Mude Play, which powers your day with a blend of B vitamins and minerals – so you feel awake when you want to be. Struggling to concentrate at work? Then go for Mude Work, which gives you a similar energy kick, but comes with the bonus of improving your focus for that two-hour meeting.

Sleep mistake #2: You’re wearing a sleep tracking device

You know how they say a watched pot never boils? We say a watched device doesn’t equal good sleep. In fact, sleep trackers – from watches to apps – can make you overly-mindful and obsessive over bedtime. The important thing is how you feel, and if you’re waking up rested and rejuvenated, that little graph saying you had a bad night could cause you to overthink your sleeping habits.

Not to mention, a lot of these trackers – especially if they’re apps on your phone or a smartwatch – emit blue light, which has been proven to block the hormone (called melatonin) that makes you feel sleepy. If you’re playing with the settings right before bed, that’s bound to have an impact on how quickly you drift off.

Sleep mistake #3: You’re using your phone as an alarm

It’s not just blue light from your sleep tracker that could be wrecking your eight hours. If you’re setting an alarm on your phone before bed, you’ll be getting exposure that way, too. Plus, who hasn’t been tempted by an Instagram browse after setting that early wake-up call? Before you know it, an hour of scrolling has gone by, and you’re still struggling to sleep.

If that sounds familiar, place your phone away from your bedside table (or out of the room) and use a different alarm clock. You could try a sunrise light that gradually wakes you up. Not only will you drift off faster, but you’ll also find your mornings are more productive, as you won’t have the temptation to do even more scrolling before you get out of bed.

Sleep mistake #4: You’re not winding down before bed

Turning bedtime into a ritual can have a big effect on how you sleep. You need to wind down, steady your heart rate, and get yourself in that restful, halcyon zone. Now, this doesn’t have to mean committing to nighttime meditation – although that would help you out – but something as simple sipping a wind-down drink can make all the difference.

Enter Mude Sleep. This (literally) dreamy drink gives you a huge 990mg of chamomile and 1115mg of valerian root. Sip it around 15 minutes before you want to sleep, and it will not only help you drift off quicker, but it will ensure you rest for longer, too.

Sleep mistake #5: You keep hitting the snooze button

We know – sometimes it’s really hard to get up in the morning. However, while the snooze button might give you short-term benefits, it’s ruining your sleep in the long-run. Sneaking in an extra 10 minutes (or, let’s face it, 30) can actually mess up your body clock, making you less likely to drift off quickly later that night.

Plus, snoozing your alarm is likely to make you feel less energised throughout the day. So, painful as it is, try dragging yourself out of bed as soon as alarm number one starts to ring.

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