Colourful on the outside, naked natural goodness on the inside. Mude SuperLiquids support your immune system while providing benefits based on your mood.

  • Mude Sampler Pack

    Take control of every mood with the Mude Sampler Pack 6 Pack

  • Mude Protect

    Keeps you fighting fit, naturally 12 Pack

  • Mude Chill

    Empowering you to unwind, naturally 12 Pack

  • Mude Sleep

    Promises you a good night’s rest, naturally 12 Pack

  • Mude Work

    Focuses your mind, naturally 12 Pack

  • Mude Play

    Gives you bundles of energy, naturally 12 Pack


Your favourite Beer with Benefits. So.Beer is a non-alcoholic light lager with built-in immune support.

  • So.Beer Grapefruit

    Non Alcoholic Beer with Benefits to Support Your Immune Health 24 Pack

  • So.Beer Refresh

    Non Alcoholic Beer with Benefits 24 Pack

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