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Plants, People
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Naked, natural, no nonsense.

What is The Naked Collective

Powered by Plants, People and Purpose, The Naked Collective is a carbon neutral beverage company born in Ireland and brewed in the United States. We are committed to creating healthy, functional drinks to improve the health and wellbeing of the world’s consumers, our communities and our planet. We celebrate bravery and pushing boundaries with the aim to be the most transparent beverage company in the world.

Mude is now available in The United States

Refresh your mood with our range of functional drinks designed to support your day. Each Mude contains active ingredients that empower you to take control of your mood from AM – PM. Chill it. Drink it. Feel it.

  • Mude Protect US

    Mude Protect

    Keeps you fighting fit, naturally

    12 Pack

    $30.00 Incl. Tax
  • Mude Work US can

    Mude Work

    Focuses your mind, naturally

    12 Pack

    $30.00 Incl. Tax
  • Mude Play US can

    Mude Play

    Gives you bundles of energy, naturally

    12 Pack

    $30.00 Incl. Tax


Team TNC brings together people passionate about: our planet, making a difference, health, wellness, animals and creativity… in no particular order. It is our collective ambition to build a completely transparent reputation as a leader in environmental and social sustainability. In other words – don’t mess with our planet!


We are transparent in our people, our drinks and our regenerative initiatives. You can read more in our sustainability report coming soon.


We only work with partners and people that share our values, across all sectors.


Powered by purpose, we are committed to working towards a regenerative economy.

Love Local

We value small scale organizations, charities and companies as partners.