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Our Story

Powered by Plants, People and Purpose, The Naked Collective is a carbon neutral beverage company, founded in Ireland. We are committed to creating healthy, functional drinks to improve the health and wellbeing of the world’s consumers, our communities and our planet. From our ingredients to our process, we’re committed to showing you what goes into every product we make. We celebrate bravery and pushing boundaries with the aim to be the most transparent beverage company in the world.

Manufacturing Equipment

Let’s throw it back to where we began

Our founders, Catherina and Niall, both passionate about people and planet were putting their heads together about how they could create drinks they would be happy for their kids to drink that are not only good for them but for the planet too. They wanted to educate people about unhealthy sugar-based drinks and lead by example in the soft drinks industry in the fight to save our planet. This played on their minds for quite a while.

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Then… lightbulb moment…

Niall used his knowledge of the brewing process and how it can be used to retain all the goodness and vitamins in the liquid. Within 24 hours, the ideas for our brands were born. Catherina and Niall set out to make a business with a global Collective of passionate people to make up Team TNC who share an ethos to be socially and personally responsible for our environment, our planet and our community.


Wondering what goes into our drinks to make them so healthy? We combine science and nature to brew solutions for your body and mind. Our ingredients are Plants and Water. That’s it! It comes down to the cutting-edge combination of our SuperLiquid and Immunoboost formula.


Team TNC brings together people passionate about: our planet, making a difference, health, wellness, animals and creativity… in no particular order. It is our collective ambition to build a completely transparent reputation as a leader in environmental and social sustainability. In other words – don’t mess with our planet!


We are transparent in our people, our drinks and our regenerative initiatives. You can read more in our sustainability report coming soon.


We only work with partners and people that share our values, across all sectors.


Powered by purpose, we are committed to working towards a regenerative economy.

Love Local

We value small scale organisations, charities and companies as partners.

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Hoja Nueva

We have established a partnership with Hoja Nueva in Peru, who work to protect and fortify Amazonian biodiversity. The Naked Collective is funding the expansion of rehabilitation and re-introduction of wildlife that has been negatively affected by human beings. Our partnership will support infrastructure, animal food, veterinary & laboratory supplies and tracking equipment. This center will be Peru’s first remote conservation center, increasing current capacity from 20 to 80 wild animals.

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Other Partners

Working with Climate Partner, we ensure our carbon neutral commitment by offsetting our products’ carbon emissions and investing in local initiatives around the world. We are among the first 100 founders of Positive, a community of change-maker businesses working towards a regenerative economy. We have partnered with Every Can Counts in the pursuit of education and ownership of the recycling of our products.

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