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  • May 20, 2021

Ambassador Spotlight: Dr Lisa Cunningham

Lisa Cunningham

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and flight doctor. I am part of a critical care team that provide life saving interventions to patients in the prehospital (and in hospital!) environment. I am married with 3 children and am from the West of Ireland. Although I deal mainly with critical care, timely acute medicine, I have a holistic outlook in life and for health. 

Why is this partnership important to you? 

This partnership is important to me as it brings about evidence based research into our lives, easily. The Beta glucan in Mude drinks has such fantastic research behind it, with lots more accumulating, in assisting for health benefits of lowering cholesterol and heart disease. Small changes in people’s lives can make huge differences which will have knock on effects for health and environment. It’s my way of doing my bit for the environment (given the amazing background of Mude) but also helping in promoting people to recognise important aspects of evidence based medicine, in their everyday lives. 

How does Mude fit in to your day to day life? 

I have slowly adapted myself to trying to become more sustainable and more conscious about the environment over the last year. Even down to how our jobs in hospital and prehospital can reduce waste damaging to our environment. Mude’s ethos is one I identify with. Small changes can have such big impacts. The other aspect is encouraging people to recognise what they put into their bodies. Trying to recognise what are the good things and to opt for these, when the options are there. 

How are you working towards being more sustainable in your day to day? 

One big thing I have adopted to is the reusable water bottles, coffee bottles and choosing containers that are more recyclable. This is in my everyday life. 
In my professional life, I am very conscious healthcare contribute to large environmental damages. Being aware of the different bins I am putting things into (have been guilty of not noticing too much), switching to bottles rather than sachets (lubrication gel for ultrasound/ sterile water etc), reusable masks when not patient facing etc. There are many ways I am trying to make a difference. 

So.Beer encourages people to be drunk on life – tell us about one of your drunk 
on life moments.  

Finally getting to the end of my training is a drunk on life moment for me! The accumulation of 16 years of Trying, sacrifice, moments of sadness, anger and wanting to quit! I feel now being at the end of this chapter of training is a drunk on life moment and I’m ready for the next step in life! 

Written By:

Dr. Lisa Cunningham

An Emergency Medicine, Prehospital Flight Doctor working with the air ambulance service, bringing lifesaving skills straight to the scene of those in need of urgent care – from cardiac arrests and road accidents to stabbings. She started her Instagram page in 2018 for sharing easy-to-understand evidence based medical information to everyone. She shares medical content from her day to day life on the prehospital frontline. A mother of 3 and wife to Bernard. Lisa advises TNC on research papers using objective critical appraisal.