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  • July 29, 2021

How to focus on your wellbeing while working from home

Mude Ambassador, Dr. Lisa Cunningham takes on Mude 12 day challenge and here’s how it went.

The hardest part of this challenge was choosing one drink to take for my challenge! I also failed miserably with that! And I’m happy to tell you why…

At first I chose Mude Work with Ashwagandha, Branch Chain Amino Acids and Deep Ocean Minerals. I chose this as it is aimed to help focus your mind and help with your level of concentration. As an emergency medicine and prehospital flight doctor- I thought this would be a no brainer for me. However, as I paid more attention to my mood through out the days and realised that I don’t have any problems with concentration in general, especially before jobs. But what I found was that I really needed a pick me up and that bit of extra energy that Mude Play has to offer through its ingredients, Green Tea and Branch Chain Amino Acids. So, I switched, and I was glad I did.

Coming back from physical jobs, I know how tired I can feel. I normally try avoid fizzy drinks but sometimes I would have reached for them as a sugar boost. Swapping these for Mude Play, I didn’t need that sugar boost and I knew I was ready to go for the next job again, after having a healthy top me up.

I even cheated once again and on some days where I may not have had Mude Play, I swapped for a Mude Chill when coming home from long days, I don’t need an energy pick me up at home. I need a relax and unwind drink. Sometimes that used to be in the form of an alcoholic beverage! I swapped it for Mude Chill and found it much better for me than the latter. I also had the added comfort of knowing that this was actually healthy for my body.

The Beta Glucans that is part of each of these drinks, are evidence based to lower cholesterol and assist in controlling sugars for patients with diabetes. There are even more benefits being explored with this little power-house, yet to come with more evidence. Each of these drinks give a healthy option, to assist in reducing 2 established risk factors for cardiovascular disease- one of our leading concerns for health (stroke and heart attacks) People who have informed choice, will benefit from making a swap, from unhealthy option to this, a healthy option.

If you’re looking to learn more about Beta Glucan, the unsung hero of immune health, check out our blog “Benefits of Beta Glucan you won’t believe”

Written By:

Dr. Lisa Cunningam

An Emergency Medicine, Prehospital Flight Doctor working with the air ambulance service, bringing lifesaving skills straight to the scene of those in need of urgent care – from cardiac arrests and road accidents to stabbings. She started her Instagram page in 2018 for sharing easy-to-understand evidence based medical information to everyone. She shares medical content from her day to day life on the prehospital frontline. A mother of 3 and wife to Bernard. Lisa advises TNC on research papers using objective critical appraisal