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Hoja Nueva

In celebration of Earth Day this April 22nd, Mude have committed to a partnership with Hoja Nueva, a dynamic non-profit dedicated to protecting wildlife in the remote Las Piedras region of Madre de Dios, Peru. Their conservation centre is nestled deep in the jungle and serves as a local knowledge base, led by on-the-ground wildlife research. Hoja Nueva’s mission is to protect the peoples, rewild endangered animals and preserve the rainforests of the Peruvian Amazon.

Use code “EARTHDAY” to donate 20% to Hoja Nueva

Samanthat Zwicker holding baby Margay

Our Commitment to Hoja Nueva

For every purchase of Mude on our website, using the code “EARTHDAY”, The Naked Collective will donate 20% of proceeds to Hoja Nueva. We have committed to funding Hoja Nueva’s sanctuary expansion project which will rehabilitate and rewild endangered animals negatively affected by human beings. Donations will go directly towards infrastructure, animal food, veterinary & laboratory supplies and tracking equipment. The sanctuary will rewild animals such as Kleo, the baby margay.

Where Does My Contribution Go?

This will be Peru’s first remote conservation centre, increasing capacity from 20 to 80 wild animals. Your contribution will go toward the rehabilitation and rewilding of wild animals like Keanu, the first ocelot to be rescued as a kitten and successfully helped by Hoja Nueva. Keanu was taken from his den – away his mother – by illegal loggers moving through the deep jungles of Madre de Dios and contributing to deforestation.

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