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So.Beer Refresh

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 Non Alcoholic Beer with Benefits to Support Your Immune Health

12 Pack

With light notes of pale malted barley followed by a crisp clean finish. So.Beer Refresh contains our exclusive Immunoboost formula of complex B-vitamins, minerals and Beta Glucan to support your immune health, proven by 50 clinical studies. 0.3% ABV.

$30.00 Incl. Tax

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Active Ingredients

granule Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan

A natural immune supporting ingredient from Baker’s Yeast. The ultimate wellness warrior.

Full Ingredients

Water, Barley, Wheat (Gluten), Oats, Hops, Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan.

Why It’s Great

Low Sugar

Less than 7g of sugar per can.

Low Calorie

Only 40 calories per can.

Carbon Neutral

We’re committed to offsetting our emissions and supporting offset initiatives.


No animals are harmed in our world. All our products are vegan friendly.

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So.Beer FAQ

Brewed right from the start as non-alcoholic,So.Beerretainsall the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, plus the addition of The Naked Collective’sImmunoBoostFormula, utilizing 250mg of Beta Glucan, which improves general immune health and combats the effects of stress, as provenin 50clinicalstudies.    

So.Beer starts from grains of barley and oats, bursting full of naturally occurring B-vitamins & minerals and water. They are ‘brewed’ to retain the goodness and health benefits found in grains, creating our ‘SuperLiquid’. Unlike most other non-alcoholic beers, So.Beer is brewed right from the start as non-alcoholic. Most alcohol-free beer is made by taking the alcoholic version and boiling it to remove the alcohol. This kills the nutritional value and the taste. Artificial flavoring is often added back in to make it taste and smell like beer again. This is why you’ll see the ingredient “beer flavor” on labels. 

No nasty ingredients. The ingredients in our drinks are all natural, you’ll see we’ve no artificial chemicals or preservatives. Just plants, vitamins & water. Then we supercharge each beverage with the our SuperLiquid which ensures you’ll quickly absorb all the health benefits of those nourishing plants and vitamins.

Our Immunoboost formula found in all Mude & So.Beer drinks, is a unique blend of B vitamins, minerals (Superliquid) and 250mg of an immunity-strengthening soluble fiber called Beta Glucan.


1 review for So.Beer Refresh

  1. Ashlee Bryne

    My favourite for a light refreshing NA Beer which is great tasting!

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