Get Ready to Slay With Louise Hazel & Mude Play

Join the Slay Challenge today!

Slay & Play? Hell Yes! We’re partnering with Olympian, fitness expert and Mude Ambassador Louise Hazel to help you take control of your fitness this November. We have exclusive content and discounts to help you own your body and transform your life. What you’ll get:

  • 3 x 10 Minute workout videos exclusively created for our Mudeys. Check out the Ab Challenge, Leg Challenge and Arm Challenge below.
  • Take part in the best 21 day challenge in the world from the comfort of your own home. Created by Louise Hazel The Slay Challenge starts November 15th. Get 10% OFF using code MUDE10 at
  • Power your workouts with 50% OFF Mude using code SLAY50. Mude Play is a natural energy drink powered by BCAAs and Green Tea, giving you the boost you need without any compromise on health.


Grab your can of Mude and let’s go. Start with a can of Play to give you that natural energy boost or Work to help focus your mind and then wind down afterwards with a calming can of Chill. USE CODE SLAY50 FOR 50% OFF.

  • Mude Play

    All Natural Energy Drink for Physical & Mental Energy.

    Natural Taste. Natural Energy.


  • Mude Work

    All Natural Energy Drink for Focus and Clarity.

    Natural Taste. Natural Focus.

  • Mude Chill

    All Natural Functional Drink for Unwinding & Relaxation.

    Natural Taste. Natural Calm.

1. 10 Minute Ab Challenge

2. 10 Minute Arm Challenge

3. 10 Minute Leg Challenge

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Be on the lookout in the coming days to see where you can pick them up for yourself 😉

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