• Wellness
  • February 4, 2021

6 debunked myths about vitamin drinks

Enough with the vitamin drinks myths; we’re all about bringing you the facts. So let’s debunk some of the biggest questions surrounding health-boosting brews…

Myth #1: All vitamin drinks are loaded with sugar

Not true. While there are certain vitamin drinks that go heavy on the sugar, that’s not the case for all – including our low-sugar brews. In fact, we use just a tiny fraction compared to other, popular energy beverages, and all of it is naturally occurring, coming from the health-boosting, thirst-quenching fruits we use.

Myth #2: They’re high in calories, too

Nope. No two vitamin drinks are the same, so while some might be high in calories, ours tick the low-calorie and low-sugar boxes every single time. This is true across every last brew, from an alcohol-free So.Beer lager to your favourite mood-boosting beverage by Mude.

Myth #3: You can’t have a vitamin drink before bed

You don’t need to worry that a vitamin drink will make you feel too buzzed to sleep. In some cases, as with Mude Sleep, the opposite is actually true. The B vitamins give you balance, while an ultra-calming dose of chamomile (and we mean lots of chamomile) allows you to take control of your body clock, so you can drift off quicker and stay asleep for longer. The dream.

Myth #4: Fruit juice is a better alternative to a vitamin drink

If it gets you closer to your five a day, it’s got to be healthy, right? Not always, and the reason why comes down to the sugar factor once again. You see, a lot of fruit juice is actually brimming with sugar… typically much more than you’d find in any of our natural, vitamin-packed seltzers. For example, one best-selling orange juice contains 35g of sugar per 330ml serving – that’s even more than a full-fat cola, which has 33g. Meanwhile, none of our drinks – from Mude to So.Beer – contain any more than 8g of sugar per 330ml serving. That’s less than one quarter of the sugar you’d find in your fruit juice.

Myth #5: Vitamin drinks don’t actually do anything

Can we uncover our ears yet? Of course vitamin drinks can do plenty for your health; it just depends on the way they’re brewed and the kinds of vitamins they give you. A lot of the time, portions of a supplement can be filtered out by the digestive system, meaning you only receive a small percentage of the benefits. However, because the vitamins in our drinks are naturally occurring, they’re actually bound to the liquid – we call this innovation the Isotonic SuperLiquid ™. This means the vitamins are able to get into your bloodstream quicker, so you experience more of the effects in less time. Win-win.

Myth #6: A vitamin drink is all the hydration you need

Let’s be real. As much as you’d like to drink Mude Play all day every day, a balanced diet is essential, so mix it up by making sure you drink plenty of water, too. The good news is, because they contain only a small amount of sugar, all of our benefit-packed brews are ultra-refreshing and hydrating, giving you a daily pick-me-up.

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