We don’t like Jazz Hands and the lovely marketing speak that other beverages use to suck you in and make you think your drink is “healthy” or “With Natural Ingredients”, especially when the ingredients list looks like it should be on a bottle of Shampoo.

Our name was inspired by a desire to create a truly unique business, built on the fundamental value that if we treat people and our environment right, responsible success will follow.

Over many days and nights, we realised that our ambition was to have a group of inspired, diverse individuals and suppliers that could come together to form something amazing: our collective.

We added ‘Naked’ to our name to reflect our goal of complete transparency around our ingredients, our team and the environment. Our name is our commitment to make healthy drinks with no nonsense ingredients, brewed with care to give you a refreshing experience every time.

Yes, every can is packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from the brewing process, and only a small amount of naturally occurring sugar. Non Gmo, Vegan, No Preservatives, No Stabilisers, No Sweeteners, and most importantly, no bullshit.

That depends on whether you’re drinking Mude or So.Beer.

Let’s Talk Mude first: Think sparkling water with a hint of flavour, a touch of naturally occurring sugar with refreshment at the core. This isn’t Cola or a typical super sweet energy drink. This is what healthy tastes like. Genuinely naked, light and refreshing to give you those natural benefits.

Now Let’s Talk So.Beer: It tastes like a beer surprisingly 😉 Well actually, like your favourite light lager that you think is brewed in the rocky mountains but more than likely is brewed in a big industrial park in the next town over from you.

Well if you have 5 cans of Mude or So.Beer that’s about the same amount of sugar as one can of your favourite red cola. Everything else in there is natural and simple, plus we do lots of research on our botanicals and only choose plants that have no side effects from over consumption.


We use only plants like organic botanicals, the humble barley seed and natural fruit flavours, all brewed up in an ancient brewing process, adapted for the modern world to give you clean, natural and healthy drinks built around your daily needs. All our ingredients, sourced with care and transparency, are on the product page and if you have any questions about anything that goes into our drinks, we would love to hear hear from you. (although we expect it will be a short email given our ingredients list is so small 😉 )

Immunoboost is a unique combination of our SuperLiquid and an immunity-enhancing molecule called Beta Glucan. Put simply, we use our SuperLiquid – which is loaded with vitamins and minerals – as a delivery system for our Beta Glucan to get all that goodness into your bloodstream. Once there, it supports the immune system by identifying threats and blitzing them faster, helping you stay stronger and healthier. It’s not just us saying it; our ingredients are supported by over 50 clinical studies.

Good question. Beta Glucan is a soluble fibre found in the cellular wall of Baker’s Yeast, which we gently extract so we can include it in all of our drinks. It’s been linked to lowered cholesterol, improved blood sugar management and a better immune system, which is why it plays such a major role in our ImmunoBoost blend.

Yes. All of our drinks are suitable if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

Yay for Mude, Nay for So.Beer. Mude is now Gluten Free which means it has less than 20 parts per million of gluten in our cans. So.Beer has gluten and probably will for along time, but we won’t give up and are always trying to find natural ways to make So.Beer Gluten Free.


Carbon neutrality is a term used to describe a business that has taken action to remove as much carbon dioxide (CO2) as possible from the atmosphere. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero carbon footprint. So any remaining emissions are reduced by offset projects, to reach a net zero balance of emissions.

But to us this isn’t enough. There is a long way for organisations and individuals to push boundaries, drive debate and collectively do the impossible together to achieve a real difference. A true regenerative economy.
Find out more about our current offset projects

Find out more about our current offset projects

We are one of the first 100 founding members of the Positive movement, what is this?

Positive is a movement of change-maker businesses making a Net-Positive impact. It combines the strengths of a purpose-driven community sharing tools and insights, alongside a pioneering Michelin 5-star framework that is a symbol for the very highest standards in business. Positive’s uniqueness comes from its focus on systemic change and vision of a Regenerative economy.

Learn more about the positive movement.

Yep. All of our cans are 100% recyclable, and we’ve ensured our delivery boxes and packaging materials are either compostable or recyclable, too.

Shipping & Returns

We’re currently shipping across the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Italy. Please make sure to order from your local website by selecting the country flag in the menu.

Our orders are fulfilled by Amazon in the US. Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.

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If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can return your products to us for a refund. We will refund any items that have been sent back to us undamaged with a valid reason for return. But if you return a full case of empty cans you clearly liked them 😉 in which case we will not refund you.

If your product arrives damaged, contact us immediately and we will arrange a replacement order. Please take pictures of the delivery and the damaged goods to assist our customer service team. You can send these to

Most orders should still be despatched within three days, but some of our delivery partners are experiencing higher volumes of orders, which could cause a delay. Our order centres and offices continue to operate social distancing measures, and our team are working from home where possible.