Mude Play

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30 day money back guarantee

Benefits: Natural Energy

Mude Play with a hint of Melon & Raspberry, is an energizing blend of Green Tea and Branch Chain Amino Acids to give you bundles of energy, naturally. Unlike most energy drinks, Mude Play contains ingredients you can pronounce. Feel the effects within 5-20 minutes or your money back.


Active Ingredients

an arm around a weight about to do a dead lift


Helps to reduce physical and mental fatigue. Provides energy and stimulates muscle recovery after exercise.

granule Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan

A natural immune supporting ingredient from Baker’s Yeast. The ultimate wellness warrior.


Green Tea

Helps to boost brain function, focus and energy levels. Natural caffeine, without the crash.

Full Ingredients

Water, Gluten Free Barley, Organic Green Tea, Branch Chain Amino Acids 2:1:1(L-eucine, L-Isoleucine,L-Valine), Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan and Natural Flavour.

Why It’s Great

Low Sugar

Our drinks have less than 6g of sugar per can.

Low Calorie

Our drinks have only 40 calories per can.

Carbon Neutral

We’re committed to offsetting our emissions and supporting offset initiatives.

Gluten Free

Our drinks are made with gluten free barley.


No animals are harmed in our world. All our products are vegan friendly.

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Mude FAQ

Colorful on the outside, naked natural goodness on the inside. Mude is a range of functional wellness SuperLiquids that support your immune system and provide benefits based on your mood. Plus, we’re carbon neutral, low in sugar, only 40 calories, and include no ingredients you can’t pronounce!

Grains of barley, bursting with naturally occurring B-vitamins and minerals, are awakened with fresh water and brewed, retaining the health benefits found in the grain, creating our isotonic SuperLiquid.  This supercharged elixir is loaded with polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals which are bound to the liquid for fast absorption. We then turbocharge this SuperLiquid with 250mg of Beta Glucan, a molecule linked to immune health. This creates our ImunnoBoost formula. Each Mude variant is then infused with organic botanicals from Rutland Biodynamic Farm, helping to deliver mood enhancing effects in 5-20 minutes.

Health! No sugary soft drinks here. The ingredients are all natural. Our products have no added sugars and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Each Mude drink quenches your thirst with a hint of natural fruit flavours. Enough to make it taste refreshing but not to make it too sweet.

Each Mude drink contains organic botanicals from Rutland Biodynamic Farm, helping to deliver mood enhancing effects in 5-20 minutes. We don’t add any vanity ingredients just to claim we have them in our drinks. We only add active ingredients in quantities that will actually work for you. That’s why you’ll find 1115mg of Valerian Root in Mude Sleep and 660mg of Ashwagandha in Mude Work.

Our ImmunoBoost formula found in all Mude & So.Beer drinks, is a unique blend of B vitamins, minerals (Superliquid) and 250mg of an immunity-strengthening soluble fiber called Beta Glucan.

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