Beer with Benefits. So.Beer is a non-alcoholic light lager with built-in immune support.

0.3% ABV



We are So.Confident in the refreshing taste of So.Beer that we will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product you receive.


Beer with benefits: Brewed right from the start as non-alcoholic,  at only 0.3% ABV, So.Beer retains all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, plus the addition of our ImmunoBoost Formula, utilizing 250mg of Beta Glucan, which improves general immune health and combats the effects of stress, as proven in 50 clinical studies.   



 Less than 7g of sugar per can.


Only 40 calories per can.


We’re committed to offsetting our emissions and supporting offset initiatives.


No animals are harmed in our world. All our products are vegan friendly.


Wanna hear the epitome of Drunk on Life? 😜

@the_chillishamrock is taking on a carbon neutral 400-mile triathlon this July to raise awareness of sustainability for the future of the next generation and raise vital funds for Mental Health.

So.Beer are thrilled to support Ryan every step of the way in this never been done endurance challenge. Ryan will run, row and cycle from Irish iconic landmark, The Spire across the Irish Sea to The Shard in London.

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more updates as Ryan gears up to face this mental and physical challenge head on. 🚣🏻‍♀️

In the words of @the_chillishamrock " We have the opportunity to live every day, we only die once! " You couldn't get more Drunk on Life than that if you tried...
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Entrants must be 18+ and a resident of Ireland or United Kingdom.

Winner announced on Friday 18th June.🍻
Cheers to So.Beer ambassador @MrMarkBeaumont for smashing the 874 mile cycle the length of Britain in a 2 man relay in less than 40 hours! 😲
Your So.Beer weekend starts here -
Need some inspiration today? Meet Mark Beaumont, record-breaker, explorer, endurance athlete, broadcaster, author, and all-round good guy (and most importantly a So.Beer lover!). To learn more about our ambassadors check out the link in bio. Creds to @nleadbetter_photography


Brewed right from the start as non-alcoholic,So.Beerretainsall the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, plus the addition of The Naked Collective’sImmunoBoostFormula, utilizing 250mg of Beta Glucan, which improves general immune health and combats the effects of stress, as provenin 50clinicalstudies.    

So.Beer starts from grains of barley and oats, bursting full of naturally occurring B-vitamins & minerals, with water, they are ‘brewed’, to retain the goodness and health benefits found in grains, creating our ‘SuperLiquid’. Unlike most other non-alcoholic beers, So.Beer is brewed right from the start as non-alcoholic. Most alcohol free beer is made by taking their alcoholic offering and boiling it to remove the alcohol. This kills the nutritional value and the taste. So often, artificial flavouring is added back in to make it taste and smell like beer again. This is why you’ll see the ingredient “beer flavour” on labels. 

No nasty ingredients. The ingredients in our drinks are all natural, you’ll see we’ve no artificial chemicals or preservatives. Just plants, vitamins & water. Then we supercharge each beverage with the Isotonic SuperLiquid which ensures you’ll quickly absorb all the health benefits of those nourishing plants and vitamins.

Our ImmunoBoost formula found in all Mude & So.Beer drinks, is a unique blend of B vitamins, minerals (Superliquid) and 250mg of an immunity-strengthening soluble fiber called Beta Glucan.